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• How effective is your PR program? • How do you compare to the competition?
• Are you targeting the media properly?

Don’t know the answers? Cognito Analytics does… 
Cognito Analytics is a highly targeted, accurate and reliable service for companies in the financial sector to track and improve their media profile. Using information from the most important and relevant sources, Cognito Analytics shows you:


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Once you have a clear picture of your media profile, you can start to implement more effective PR and communications programs. Cognito Analytics enables you to monitor your media profile, on a daily basis, against the competition. This means you can tailor your messaging and press activity to improve the impact of your communications.

Tom Coombes, CEO, Cognito says, "The level and quality of a firm's media profile is crucial in this market. We are now able to give every company in this sector an accurate and up-to-date picture of what their profile is, and provide insight into what they need to do to improve."